Child Development

The Department of Child Development trains Child Development Specialists who can evaluate 0-18 year-old normally developing or disabled, orphaned, working, immigrant, delinquent and hospitalized children’s mental, linguistic, motor, social and emotional development and self-care skills, and who can help children, families, educators and the society in supporting all areas of development and skills.

The person, who are graduated from this program, works as a child specialist in some private and public institutions.

Child development specialists, who take on tasks as determining and promoting development of children who are the foundation of the society, guiding the families and educators on development of children, directing to prepare appropriate curricula and raising awareness of the society; plat a an important role for a modern and conscious society which is consist of healthy and successful people.


It will determine the levels of development in all developmental areas (mental, language, self-care, motor, emotional and social development) of children in the 0-18 age group covering infancy, pre-school, school age and adolescence; To educate children, families, institutions working in the field of child development to provide advice to the field, and to train qualified child development experts equipped with multidisciplinary study formation.


To educate the child developer that is working for benefit of society, may be leader to children, families and educators, having problem-solving and effective communication skills constantly developing themselves in line with the needs of the society, creative, searcher and objective with education system that is appropriate to universal criteria.