Midwifery Department

The department of midwifery opened in Ahi Evran University Health School in 04.09.2007 started to give midwifery education at the undergraduate level in 21.09.2009.

Program Include

Being able to care for mother and fetus before birth;

Able to take care of mother at birth;

You can follow the fetus and normally determine deviations;

Those who have a normal birth and can do episiotomy when necessary;

Can deliver breech birth in emergency situations; Able to make necessary examinations by setting pregnancy diagnosis;

Can identify abnormal conditions in mother and newborn;

If necessary, it can remove the placenta manually and can control the uterus;

Able to perform maintenance and follow-up of newborn;

The mother is able to perform care and follow-up during the postnatal period and is referred to in risky situations;

Gynecology and obstetrics in the field of pathological care can be done;

Participating in family planning applications;

In pregnancy, internal and surgical problems can be started to raise the midwives.


It is to educate professionals with universal standards and cultural values developed, with research skills, as a leader, able to meet the health care needs of the country in line with contemporary and humanistic approaches and focused on the protection and development of women's and children's health.


It is to be a distinguished institution that is suitable for changing world conditions, leader in its profession, leader in producing knowledge, respectful and responsible people.

Program Language

The language of education of Ahi Evran University School of Health Midwifery Department Program is Turkish.

Acceptance and Registration Conditions

Candidates can register for the program provided that they get enough points from YGS-2 score type determined by OSYM.



Recognition Of Previous Learning

Students who come to the program with horizontal and vertical shifts will be exempted from the decision of the Board of Directors because they have succeeded in their undergraduate and undergraduate courses.

Graduation Conditions

Ahi Evran University students must be successful in all courses including applications and must provide at least 240 ECTS credits (See Ahi Evran University, Associate Degree and Bachelor of Education and Examinations Regulation, Official Gazette Date: 4 October 2011 Tuesday Issue: 28074).

Assessment Methods And Evaluation

Students Ahi Evran University is subject to a visa, final exam and make-up exam for each course in accordance with the Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education-Examination and Examination Regulations.

Job Opportunıities

In the Ministry of Health hospitals,

In university hospitals,

In Family Health Centers and health care homes,

In centers of maternal and child health and family planning,

They can work in private hospitals and policlinics,


They can also make an academic career at universities.